Ain’t no hood like Parenthood

Postpartum Care 

Postpartum is time of great transformation while you become a family. Postpartum doulas bring comfort, connection, support and ease to make your transition more smooth.
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Check Out Our New Virtual Postpartum Package, for COVID-19

Just because we need to practice social distancing, doesn’t mean you are doing this all alone. 

I’ve created a special postpartum weekly package. I will provide you with resources,coaching sessions plus informational and emotional support.


  • Unlimited chat, text or video between 9 – 5 *half hour sessions, as much as you like
  • Answer any questions you may have about feeding, or life with a new baby
  • Monitor postpartum mood, and wellness
  • Available for emergency phone calls
  • Make any suggestions for referrals
  • We will use your choice of video app for communication

Jen LeClair caring for a newborn child

Day-time Doula Services

  1. Information and referral resources
  2. Preparation of healthy, simple meals
  3. Light housekeeping
  4. Unlimited email/text support
  5. Assistance in the creation of a postpartum plan
  6. Caring just the way you and the baby like, while  you shower/nap/feed yourself
  7. Make you laugh
  8. I will tell you over and over that your baby is the absolute cutest
  9. Baby care such as bathing, diaper/cloth changing, soothing baby techniques, baby wearing, feeding
  10. Monitoring for postpartum mood disorders, offer resources, emotional and practical support
  11. Set up and cleaning of a breast pump (if applicable)
  12. Help you get back into the swing of life
  13. Preparation of healthy, simple meals
  14. Feeding support; however this looks for your family.

Daytime assistance:

$40/hour (minimum 3 hours: between 10am-5pm)

other evening packages available

Jen was who I trusted to speak to during postpartum, when I felt scared or frustrated with some difficulty with new mama life."

Dawnnew mother

Jen LeClair providing doula services for a new mother

A baby sleeping

Night-time Doula Services

Newborn babies need extra care and attention all night long which can make new parents extremely exhausted. Your body needs sleep as much as it needs air, water, and food. With my own mama experience and knowledge of infant sleep habits, I can ensure your sweet baby will be taken care of so you can get some much needed zzz’s.

8 hours minimum (10pm-6am)

packages available
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When I visit you postpartum, we will discuss feeding, sleep, nutrition and I can assist with food prep and light housecleaning. You can take a shower or nap while I comfort and snuggle your sweet baby.

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Postpartum Support

I’ll be in touch within 24 hours.