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Meet the Team

It is such an honour to support you in this life changing experience. All the doulas on our team are certified and have their own areas of specialty they bring with them.

Whether you want a hospital birth with midwives or an obstetrician; a home birth or birth at The Birth Centre, we can work with you to have a safe and positive birth experience.

 It is our heart’s desire that you feel supported and validated in whatever stage you are at in your journey.

The Team

When you are assigned a backup doula, you can meet them via phone or ZOOM.

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Ruth Ruttan  (She/Her) Certified Birth and Postpartum 

*Pilates and yoga

* Childbirth Educator

* Infant Sleep Educator

* Breastfeeding Educator

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Kate Sissons (she/her)

* twin births

*  childbirth educator

  • * infant sleep educator

*  lactation consultant

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Vera Kevic (She/Her) Certified Birth and Postpartum

* Childbirth educator

*placenta encapsulation

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Shannon Gray


*Certifying Doula

*Postpartum Support